Three Persons, One God by Allison Gingras

Today, we're celebrating the recent launch of the fantastic new book Three Persons, One God: Growing in Relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit by our wonderful contributor and friend Allison Gingras. Written as a response to a very personal situation in her life, Allison's book is a perfect gift for yourself or a friend looking to grow in the faith. Find ordering information on Allison's website and please join us in congratulating our friend on this wonderful resource!

About the Book:

The Holy Trinity – three persons in one God.  You’ve heard the teaching – but have you ever contemplated what that means, especially with regards to your own faith journey?  Three Persons, One God does just that in a simple to understand, yet thought-provoking style.  The book includes opportunities for self-reflection through Scripture searches and reflection questions.  It presents an easy-to-read exposition of God: Discovering God as Father, recognizing God as the Son, and knowing God as the Holy Spirit. Allison also includes chapters on God's attributes of loving, forgiving and trustworthy.  Perfect for individual or group study.  Grow in your relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

A Word from the Author:

Allison Gingras

Seven years ago I began a completely new chapter in my spiritual life.  A friend invited me to a book club for, The Purpose Driven Life, the bestselling book by Rick Warren.  What I didn’t realize at the time was the book was to open up a whole new world of books to me in the genre called Bible Study/Faith Sharing.  I had never read anything like it before, and was very intimidated the first few weeks.   All the women in the group seemed to know exactly where to turn in their bibles for the quoted scriptures, and some could even recite them from memory.  The fact that I had to order a bible after the first week, showed just how familiar I was with one!

When that group was done with Warren’s book, we all agreed that we had begun something that warranted us to continue – so we did some research and found a new bible study/faith sharing book.  Which lead to another and another … in which time I feel in love with reading scripture. It opened for me a whole new window into learning who God may be that I had never contemplated before.  For instance, I had taken my experience of Father, and transferred them onto God – since God is not a human father, they were distorted and lacked substance.  My image of Jesus wasn’t much more developed, as I often thought of Him as the baby in the manger, or the man/god hanging from a cross – but had never considered all that happened between these two events.  I never reflected on His teachings, miracles or passion.  There was much more to these two persons of God, and until this point, I wasn’t even conscious enough of my faith, to realize what I failed to know– or worse yet, had any knowledge of what amazing truths I was missing out on.  And never mind my complete disregard for the Holy Spirit, the often forgotten third person of the Trinity -- the great Paraclete sent by God after Jesus’ Ascension.   As I read more books and scripture, and the mysteries began to unfold, I became addicted wanting to know more and more.

After 2 years of reading various bible study/faith sharing books, I realized I had indeed developed a relationship with the Triune God.  In reading the inspired word of God, I was emerging with a more informed image of God – but something was missing.   The books we were using lacked the tradition and teachings of the Catholic faith, and at the time we were seeking studies, there were very few choices to meet that criteria. The books I did find were often too scholarly, and I spent more time looking up definitions to the terminology being used, than the scripture being quoted.

Inspired by this desire to create a book that brought these two elements together -- relational and traditional – there came the idea for Three Persons, One God: Growing in Relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I knew I wanted the chapters to include scripture, personal reflection, and teachings that are in complete line with the Catholic Church, but were also short enough to fit the schedules of busy people.  To meet the need of those who really want to learn more about God, to discover more truths of the faith, but often don’t have more than a few hours a week for pursuit of this information.  The six chapters of Three Persons are extremely readable, straightforward, yet deep enough to draw one into meaningful thought regarding the three persons of God, as well as the loving, trustworthy, and merciful characters of God.

This book was over 5-years in the making, as God worked out in me the nuances of becoming a writer, discovering my own understanding of God so that I could put that into words, and allowing my children to get old enough that I was a little more free to pursue finishing it!   I pray my second book (already in the works), regarding discerning our personal yes to God’s call in our lives, doesn’t take me quite so long!

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