Celebrating Autumn

It's fall, the leaves have changed color to a fascinating array of oranges, yellows, reds, and browns.....my colors. I'm a fall girl, a rusty, copper-colored hair girl with blue eyes and mid to light skin that burns easily in the summer months. Autumn weather just calls to me for a hike, or a walk, or just a visit to the garden.

Besides the cooler weather, the festivities in the fall are amazing. A few weeks after schools start up and the flurry of buying school supplies and the smell of newly sharpened pencils have passed, the days begin to rush by in a furry. All the while the landscape quietly transforms into their fall attire, quietly. Before you know it, Halloween is upon us and the kids are all making their plans with friends about their "trick or treat" adventures. Our family goes to the local pumpkin patch and each family member picks a pumpkin to carve the night before the big day. In the past, I've made Irish soul cakes and salad for dinner while the kids work on the final touches of their costumes. My knight gets a few things out in the yard to entertain the children at the door, and the evening unfolds with fun costumes, candy dolling, and plenty of laughs.

The next morning we clean up all of last night's evidence and think of the Saints we've studied throughout the years of homeschooling and beyond. Each member of our family has a favorite. We attend Mass and pray for those special in our hearts that are no longer with us, especially of my knight's dad. Chet was an amazing father, husband, and man; we all loved him so. He was the glue that kept this family on an even keel and together.

Over the next few weeks music recitals, homework, exams, lots of studying for our daughters and long chats with our son 2 hours away fill the time between working, school, and teaching throughout the fall days. Soon it will be Thanksgiving, a family and friends time. Usually, we travel to the deep south for a grand time with my family, but this year we are staying home and our son and his wife will join us for the day. In the past, we have helped the local soup kitchen, but thankfully there are so many that help, we weren't really needed. We will be giving food to the Catholic charity office, they are ALWAYS in need of food for their pantry. The many many blessings we have, must be shared.

Thanksgiving Day is yet to come, but is within a few days away; many things are happening in the world around us, things to pray about, trust in God about and even to be thankful for. God gives us what we need and sometimes a bit more, good or trial, and it is what we do with it that counts. Being thankful for the good and the bad is tricky, but necessary. With the bad....the trials and tribulations of daily life, this "valley of tears," if you will, comes growth. Without the pain of hardship, there is no need to look for something better, something good, something to make the pain go away. It is during these times, that God wants us to turn to Him in supplication and trust. Sometimes, these hardships seem too much to bare, I know. Turn to He who knows us and has counted each of us has His own. He knows our wants and needs before they ever enter our minds and fall out from between our lips. He knows and we must celebrate that and be truly thankful!

From the Pillar household to your,


Copyright 2012 Ebeth Weidner