I may be a dinosaur, but my brain is larger than a peanut, and I recognized my need for prayer and study of scriptures.  That's why one of the first apps I downloaded was Laudate.

Sarah has blogged about this app for the iPhone. Droid has it, too.  You will find all the basics for Catholic prayer life in this app:  daily Scripture, common prayers, and the rosary and Divine Mystery chaplet.  The revised order of the Mass is handy, too, for us dinosaurs still stumbling not to say "and also."

For deeper study, there are two versions of the Bible, the Catechism (searchable, even!), and also a place to store your personal prayers.

The only thing I am not impressed with is the rosary and chaplet sections list what prayers to say when, but you navigate to a different section for the prayers and meditations themselves.   I would rather see this integrated into the single screen, where you click on the bead and the information pops up. However, I am using a free version, so I can’t complain about a few extra clicks.  They also have a podcast of the rosary so you can pray along.

I mostly use Laudate mostly for the daily readings, and for filling that dead time waiting for a child to get out of school or standing in lines by reading something worthwhile.  However, for someone more tech-savvy and on the go, it's an excellent resource for developing your prayer life.

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