Divine Love Made Flesh by Raymond Cardinal Burke Divine Love Made Flesh by Raymond Cardinal Burke

Catholic Action for Faith and Family recently announced the much anticipated release of Cardinal Raymond Burke's book, Divine Love Made Flesh: The Holy Eucharist as the Sacrament of Charity.

"It is a great honor to publish Cardinal Burke's book," said Thomas McKenna, a longtime friend to Cardinal Burke and President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family (the book's publisher.) "We chose June 7, 2012, the Feast of Corpus Christi, for the timely release of this profound and inspiring new book on the Holy Eucharist," he added.

Divine Love Made Flesh comes at a time when Catholics have had a renewed hunger for greater understanding of their faith. The inspiring book examines the beauty and power of the Holy Eucharist in light of the profound teachings of Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Using clear and illuminating language, Cardinal Burke guides the reader through the teaching of the Church on this Most Holy Sacrament and Its place in the life of every disciple of Jesus Christ. The book is a spiritual treatise on the central Mystery of our Faith and links the rich theology of the Church with pastoral practice and the spiritual life.

"Cardinal Burke's ability to reach both the layman and religious, in simple yet inspiring language, will surely engender love for the Holy Eucharist in the hearts of those who read this book," stated Mr. McKenna.

It is anticipated to be a great tool of catechesis in schools and parishes.

Early reviews are raising a fever-pitch expectation for this new book which comes from one of the highest ranking Cardinals in the Catholic Church and coincides with the celebration of the "Year of Faith" announced by Our Holy Father. Here's what the critics are saying:

"In Divine Love Made Flesh Cardinal Burke provides the reader with a clear yet profound understanding of the great sacrament that is the  source and summit' of our faith." -- Father Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR

"Divine Love Made Flesh, written by a true prince of the Church, spells out the truth and beauty of the Church's Eucharistic doctrine in the light and logic of divine love...it truly deserves to be a classic." -- Dr. Scott Hahn, Franciscan University of Steubenville

"Cardinal Burke helps us plumb the depths of the truth as it relates to the Eucharist in a way that I would never have imagined possible." -- Judie Brown, Founder and President, American Life League

"The sanctification power of Divine Love Made Flesh is 'not limited to members of bedrock institutions like family and Church but extends to whole countries and civilizations' ... For a generation that is in great need of more catechesis, Divine Love Made Flesh is a must read for body, mind, and soul." -- Brian J. Gail, Bestselling Catholic Author

"Catholics who reflect on Cardinal Burke's message will know that, when they leave Mass on Sunday, they are entering mission territory, in order to offer the world friendship with the Lord Jesus." -- George Weigel, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Divine Love Made Flesh by Cardinal Burke is available at www.CatholicAction.org or order the book at Amazon and support CatholicMom.com with your purchase.