For the past ten days, I’ve been walking around with a stopped up left ear. Like a sink in need of Roto-Rooter, it gargles, whistles, thumps, hums, but never clears.

When I mentioned this to my daughter Michelle, she wisely pointed out,

“Sounds like an Advent thing to me, Mom.”

So I took her words to heart. I have been pondering in my prayer and throughout the day on Advent, listening, ears, awareness. Waiting for some sage insight.

And I’ve got nothing.


No matter how much I try, I can’t have true silence or complete quiet for reflection and clarity. The humming in my ear never stops, even when the gurgling and thumping do. I want it taken care of right now so that the Advent and Christmas music I love won’t sound like a middle school orchestra is playing it. And yes, if I could I would put in one of those metal snakes that go deep underground to clear my pipes and get everything flowing smoothly again.


But instead, I have to waitWait for the antibiotic to heal. Wait for the congestion to clear. Wait for the music to sound on key once again.

Like a pregnant woman, I anticipate in trusting expectation the miracle I know will take place. But in the meantime, my body is off key, bloated, uncomfortable—and I’m ready to be done with this temporary moment in my life. I wait, and I anticipate.

Perhaps I am in the spirit of Advent after all.

Copyright 2012 María de Lourdes Ruiz Scaperlanda