Orphan’s New Year’s Resolution: Build a House for Other Orphans Orphan’s New Year’s Resolution: Build a House for Other Orphans

I recently became aware of a special project being conducted by the adopted son of our wonderful contributor, Patti Maguire Armstrong. You read Patti's words of inspiration here on Fridays, so it should be no surprise to any of us that a son she helped to raise would be undertaking a special effort to help support homeless AIDS orphans in his native Kenya region. Here is a portion of a touching letter Calvin shared recently with family and friends:

The main reason I am writing about these three orphans is that they need a chance in life.  A 7th grader dropping out of school to go herd cattle so his little siblings can go to school is not ok.  Yet, in Kenya and all over Africa, older siblings are making this decision daily.  The older sisters are choosing prostitution, and the older brothers are choosing herding cattle and gang life to make sure their little siblings have a better life.  Through your prayers and contributions, we can help just this one family.  Building a tin roofed house for them will cost $500 and tuition in a good school for an entire year is $500.  I know a $1000 is a lot of money.  But I think we should focus on the house first.

To learn more about Calvin, Luke and Tyler's efforts to serve, please read this touching article by Patti at CatholicLane.com.

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