Editor's note: We'd like to congratulate Karee Santos on reaching an important milestone at her blog Can We Cana? A Community to Support Catholic Marriages! LMH

Can We Cana? Can We Cana?

Garden City, New York – January 6, 2013 – “Married people are looking for help,” said Karee Santos, when asked why she started the new blog Can We Cana? A Community to Support Catholic Marriages in December of last year.   Now, it seems, they have a new place to find it.

The Can We Cana? blog celebrated its 1000th pageview in January, 2013, at less than two months old.  It has attracted readers from Canada, Bermuda, Spain, Switzerland, and Lebanon, in addition to the United States.

Supporting Catholic marriage is an urgent need, said Mrs. Santos.   “Divorce rates are at an all-time high, even among Catholics,” she lamented, “perhaps partly because married people aren’t getting the kind of help they require.”   The new blog offers three kinds of assistance – marriage preparation tips in its Pre-Cana Posts, practical advice on marriage and family in its Post-Cana Posts, and invitations to meditation and prayer in its Pray-Cana Posts.

The most popular post so far is The One-Year Itch where Mrs. Santos describes the disillusionment that hits most couples about a year after their marriage.  A combination of hot date night and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament got the Santoses past their one-year itch, she stated in the blog.

In its short history, the blog has already expanded its scope dramatically.  “I originally envisioned this blog as a place where pre-Cana students and teachers could meet and talk ‘after class,’ so to speak,” Mrs. Santos said, “but the kinds of responses the blog received made me quickly realize that the need for marital support extended far more broadly than that.”

In addition to writing the Can We Cana? blog, Mrs. Santos is also working on a marriage preparation book based on the teachings of Blessed Pope John Paul II.  “When my husband and I started teaching pre-Cana at Fr. George Rutler’s parish church in Manhattan, we couldn’t find a book that adequately combined practical advice on a wide variety of topics and rock-solid, in-depth catechesis.  So I decided to try my hand at writing one.”

The hardest part about writing on these topics is the amount of raw honesty required, stated Mrs. Santos.  “My spiritual director told me once, ‘You have to let people see you struggle.’  And I struggle a lot,” she admitted.

Logo by Karee’s husband Manny and daughter Lelia

Karee Santos is a happily married mother of six children – five girls and one boy.  The eldest is eleven years old.  She writes in her spare time.