103_0206Easter comes very early this year. As a matter of fact, it lands on March 31, my deceased grandmother’s birthday. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays because, as a child growing up, I always got to wear pretty dresses and choose flowers for my mom-mom’s birthday. Now that I am an adult, Easter has even more significance because it is the anniversary of my birth into the family of God. When my assistant teacher and I made this craft with our preschool class, I knew it would be perfect for sharing with the Catholicmom.com readers to illustrate to children that Spring and Easter are times of birth and renewal.

103_0212Items Needed:



Shaving Cream (not gel)



Wiggly eyes

Duck Pattern

  1. Print and cut out the Duck pattern onto a heavyweight paper or cardstock. Trace the bill and feet onto orange paper or color them orange.
  2. Pour a small amount of glue into a cup or small bowl and add some shaving cream. Gently fold it together. Add some paint and continue to fold until color is distributed throughout.
  3. Using sponge, allow your child to dip the sponge in the shaving cream mixture and then sponge paint on the duck. Cover the entire duck with shaving cream paint.
  4. Either place whole feathers onto painted duck or cut feathers over duck and let them fall onto it (We cut the feathers for a downy look).
  5. Place the bill, feet, and wiggly eyes onto duck and allow to dry.

Copyright 2013 Alicia Hart