This Lent join 10-20-30GO! Families Functioning Faithfully in their Family Lenten Challenge! 10-20-30GO! was designed specifically as a parenting communication tool that utilizes positive parenting, a kid’s chore chart, prayer board and provides parents with a weekly theme. It entails 10 minutes of prayer, 20 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of chores per day. In addition to the original Family kit, this Lent, they are introducing a six week program geared toward guiding and preparing your family for Easter. You can find the downloadable version on their website for $5.95.

The fundamental building blocks for this system are prayer, reading and chores for kids. In addition, you will have built in “cue” cards for communicating with your children. What a great way to come along side your children this Lent season in the Year of Faith!

Visit the website for additional information.