Daily Scriptures Reflection Daily Scriptures Reflection

Scripture: Lectionary 245. 3/11/13. Isaiah 65:17-21. Psalm 30:2.4.5-6.11-13. John 4:43-54:

We all welcome the early rays of sunlight as we move out of winter. The dawn gives us hope and the sun motivation to make this day something special.  This is what our Lenten readings do for us as we move closer to Holy Week. We are bolstered by the messianic declaration of God through the prophet Isaiah.  We are going to experience and a new heaven and a new earth. This is good news.  Peace will come and joy with fruitfulness for God’s people. We are even promised longer lives and family harmony. This is a messianic promise and not an idyllic promise. Lent is made easier after reading this hopeful selection from Isaiah.

Our psalm is not as poetic as the Isaiah passage.  It does confirm that rescued from evil by the Lord—another passage that makes Lent easier!

The Gospel of John follows up on the story of the Samaritan woman and her encounter with Jesus.  We are now being led into the second great sign of seven by Jesus.  An official’s son is healed by Jesus because of the great trust and faith that the man has in Jesus.  His son is healed at the very hour that he speaks with Jesus.  The official had looked beyond the sign to personal faith in Jesus. Not only did he believe in Jesus’ word but in the very person of Jesus—the key to the Gospel of John. Amen.

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