Imitating Mary: Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Woman Imitating Mary: Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Woman

Friends, today I'm thrilled to share the newly released treasure Imitating Mary: Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Catholic Mom by my friend and contributor Marge Fenelon. Along with being a perfect lead up to the month of May when we celebrate our Blessed Mother and moms everywhere, Imitating Mary is the next book in our book imprint series with Ave Maria Press.

Marge's Imitating Mary is close to my heart since I watched this treasure develop from its inception and had the pleasure of writing the book's foreword. Among those who have endorsed Marge's book, you'll find Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who says of it:

Marian virtues will come to life for you, and before you know it, you will be letting Mary spiritually mother you.

Here is an overview of Imitating Mary:

In her new book Imitating Mary, Catholic journalist Marge Fenelon pres- ents Mary’s life as the mother of Jesus as a model for modern mothers. Fenelon asks readers to join her in examining Mary’s life and in getting to know her human side. She describes ten unique virtues Mary possessed that make her an ideal and timeless model for mothers.

Fenelon delves into ten scenes of Mary’s life, helping readers connect their experiences to Mary’s life. For example, Mary was so devoted to her cousin Elizabeth that she followed the angel Gabriel’s suggestion and visited her, remaining obedient even though the trip could be dangerous. Mary showed her strength when forced to flee to Egypt on a moment’s notice. And she remained faithful and followed God’s will even while witnessing her son’s death. Trust in God’s will, Fenelon tells readers, and ask Mary for help along the way: “Most of us don’t realize that, with God’s grace and Mary’s example, we can overcome any obstacles to becoming the loving, wonderful mothers we’re meant to be.”

Mary serves as the perfect example for Catholic mothers, Fenelon continues: “In Mary, we have a mother worthy of emulation, but who is fully human with the same experiences and emotions we have. In her life, we find example, and in her virtue, we find inspiration. Mary can show us how to be the mothers we want to be—the mothers we can be.”

Fenelon clarifies that God doesn’t expect women to be perfect mothers; he knows that is im- possible. But by channeling Mary’s patience, strength, and endurance, among other traits, Catholic women can adopt Mary as an example in their own experience of motherhood. In her, they can discover the ultimate companion.

Marge Fenelon Marge Fenelon

If you have endeavored to grow closer to our Blessed Mother Mary in your parenting journey,  Imitating Mary is the type of resource you'll want to not only savor for yourself, but also share with friends and loved ones. The reflection and application questions at the end of every chapter make Imitating Mary the perfect book for you to share with your Bible study or women's fellowship group.

Please join me in congratulating our friend Marge Fenelon on this fantastic resource. We invite you to enter to win a copy of Imitating Mary which is being given away by our publisher, Ave Maria Press. The contest invites you to nominate an extraordinary mother and reward her with a copy of this terrific resource. Click here to enter by May 1, 2013.

I do hope that you'll take time today to add Imitating Mary: Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Catholic Mom to your personal collection of books. I am personally grateful to Marge for helping me to journey ever closer to Mary and to ponder her support for my own evolving parenting journey. I know you'll feel the same when you have the chance to enjoy this book!

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