Catholic_Moms_Cafe_Ad_835700_Ad-1 (1)Today, I'm happy to host a "tour stop" on the virtual junket of my dear friend and fellow author Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle. Those of you familiar with Donna-Marie's apostolate will know that she has devoted her life to the care and support of Catholic Moms. Through her writing, her television work with EWTN and her online presence, she has a unique and amazing way of reaching out to women in the throes of the mothering vocation.

With Donna-Marie's newest book, Catholic Mom's Cafe: 5-Minute Retreats for Every Day of the Year, she delivers a formula that can help you make the daily prayer you so desperately desire a reality in your busy life. Here's an overview of what you'll find in Catholic Mom's Cafe.

Catholic_Mom_Cafe_Cover_Image (1)For most, setting aside even a few minutes a day can be a challenge. Cooper O’Boyle’s new Catholic Mom's Cafe: 5-Minute Retreats for Every Day of the Year (Our Sunday Visitor, 2013) meets that challenge. A 365-day devotional book for Catholic moms, the daily reflections highlight the virtues of faith, hope, and love, and are brief enough to be enjoyed in just five minutes. Each meditation includes quotes from the Bible, a spiritual reading or relevant quote, an engaging and to-the-point meditation, a prayer that relates to the daily theme, and a brief “sound bite” to ponder throughout the day. Cooper O’Boyle encourages women to use the book however it fits into their schedule, and to consider it a “mini-retreat” for energizing their resolve and their faith.

Along with supporting your prayer life through this lovely book, Donna-Marie has created a blog and a Facebook page to continually uplift you in your vocation. Both of these are places to take the precepts that she is teaching us in the book and -- in community -- to apply them to the challenges we face in our day-to-day lives. A tool like Catholic Mom's Cafe is the perfect way to refresh your spiritual life if you've felt separated from daily devotion, or to increase the blessings of the daily time you're already spending in quiet prayer.

Keep an eye out for the wonderful "Catholic Mom's Cafe" television series in development with EWTN -- it promises to be another wonderful gift to Catholic moms everywhere. And today, treat yourself to a heaping scoop of inspiration and love with Catholic Mom's Cafe!

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