Make Your Own "Prayer Cube" Make Your Own "Prayer Cube"

I admit I love finding great, crafty ideas on Pinterest and I came across this one for a prayer cube.

We love to encourage lots of prayer in our house and I thought this would be another fun way to change up the routine a bit.

It’s been a big hit in our household! Before bed, we let each of our boys take a turn and we say the prayer it rolls on. The boys like it so much they usually have to take multiple turns and they even enjoy trying to guess which prayer they’ll roll.

Hope your family enjoys the prayer cube and feel free to use the prayer images I made (download below) so you can make one of your own. We’d love to hear if it’s a hit in your family or even other ways you incorporate prayer life with your little ones.


  1. 4” Wooden Cube (I bought mine at Michael’s craft store. I’ve also seen others use a kleenex box or any cardboard box. I just wanted something that wasn’t so easily destructible, as we have 3 young rough and tumble boys :)
  2. Prayers (I printed mine at Costco and glued them to the cube. I’ve seen others write them with marker, so just do what’s easiest for you.)


  • Spray Paint (I just happened to have a leftover can, so decided to paint ours.)
  • ModPodge (I added this for extra durability, as I mentioned, rough and tumble boys.)


  1. Print the prayers.
  2. Cut the prayers to size.
  3. Glue the prayers onto each side of the cube.
  4. I added a layer of ModPodge over the prayers for extra durability.
  5. Let dry and enjoy! 

Prayers to Download:

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