The Three Joys of Vacation The Three Joys of Vacation

1.  The days are slower.

When constantly surrounded by noise, traffic, and other houses, life becomes frustrating and almost claustrophobic.  It seems so busy with everything going on around our little house.  Vacating takes us away from the hustle and bustle, if only for a little bit.  The areas nearby our home are commercialized with a grocery store and Dunkin' Donuts on every corner, along with a large congestion of mall traffic.  Signs and store ads bombard our eyes and bring stress to our souls on a daily basis.

2.  There is not a have-to list.

We can take the day as it comes and decide what we want to do.  We can look at each day deliberately and make choices.  There is a greater level of freedom and relaxation that can be enjoyed and relished in.  Daily chores are not as burdensome or time consuming.  Each day is like an open ended question waiting to be answered.  God is easier to be heard in the stillness of our minds.  The list is no longer a chain that constricts us, but a back burner project that will be there when we get home.

3.  The mess and stress are miles away.

All the things at home and work are no longer on our minds and family can be our main focus.  The piling up of mail and bills are not in plain view.  The telephone is not ringing off the hook along with hearing the neighbors sneezing, talking on their telephones, and throwing containers into recycle bins.  We can be more at ease and more of ourselves.  There are not eyes always watching our every move outside of our home.  Our family is our family.  God is the only one watching over us and guiding our every step.

Copyright 2013 Tanya Weitzel