cloud mom

While we truly believe that mothers should be celebrated, thanked and appreciated every day of the year, we want to mark this moment in a special way by wishing all of you a blessed Mother's Day.

Without you, would not exist. Since the year 2000, you moms have been visiting this site for support and encouragement in your Domestic Church. You come because you want the very best for your family, because you desire an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, and because you seek the companionship of others like you around the world. You come to download coloring pages and recipes, to share your philosophical thoughts on theology, to learn about good books and the latest geek tools, and yes sometimes even just to laugh or relax.

Many of you have become the heart of over the years - you've told your friends or parish about us. You've joined us as a writer. You've read our books. And most importantly you've prayed for us.

Some of you are moms of many, some of few. Some are adoptive moms and others among us have struggled with the devastation of infertility. Some of you are "spiritual moms", grandmothers and great-grandmothers  And yes, a few of you are even dads, single guys, deacons and even priests. You are always welcome in this space, because in truth each of you are the heart and soul of

It is good for us to take a moment today to reflect on the joys, responsibilities, challenges, rewards and blessings of motherhood. Please know that you are appreciated and that the work you do to serve your family, your Church and the world around you will never go unnoticed in God's eyes. Take a moment today to treat yourself -- you deserve it!

Today, as we celebrate Mother's Day, I will be praying for each of you -- our readers, our writers, our family -- in a special way. May your life be filled with God's richest blessings today and always!