No matter how “religious” one may be, there always comes a point when life’s sorrows reach into the depths of the heart and give it a good twist—and you find yourself suddenly crying out, wondering if God notices, if He’s paying attention to your pain. The answer He has already given in one Word: Jesus. We have a God who knows our flesh, has touched our sorrow,  has felt our pain, has grieved, and cried, and wept just like us. – Mark Mallett

securedownloadMark Mallett is a loving husband and father, Catholic lay evangelist, author, singer and accomplished recording and performing artist.  He’s an anointed musician and gifted lyrical storyteller who, drawing from a deep well of personal vulnerability – love, loss, marriage, family, faith and life - has poured his heart and soul into his newest album – Vulnerable.

That’s my heart in your hand.
That’s my soul in the sand.
I’m trusting you to love me to the end.
I’m steppin’ out of my zone cuz I don’t want to be alone.
I’m telling you I’m so vulnerable.
I am vulnerable.  - Vulnerable

In Mark’s own words: “I decided to record this album, because it speaks of that place in the heart where we are most vulnerable: the place where we love and want to be loved. To love is to be vulnerable.”

One of the many brilliant facets of Mark’s artistry is his ability to write and compose his song that wonderfully becomes your song. I Love You Baby could be about the birth of your daughter. It’s the prayerful affirmation of a father’s unconditional love. It’s the song you hear as your little girl drives off on her own or on that day you give her hand away in marriage.

For me, so much more than a tender love song, Flyin’, inspired by the blue eyes of Mark’s beautiful bride, is the music and song that warmly envelops you and your beloved for that intimate ‘autumn’ dance when spoken words do not suffice.

These then are the songs of my heart… whether written when I was a teenager shortly before my sister unexpectedly passed away - Too Close to My Heart - or that freezing New Year’s Eve in the car outside a dance hall, one month after we buried my mom - And They Danced - or that day I sat down and could not think to write of anything but the blue in my bride’s eyes - Flyin’. And then there’s the stories I’ve heard along the journey of those who have shared their vulnerability with me…. If one of these stories is also yours, then I pray that as you listen, you too will hear Jesus say, See, See, you’ve never been far from Me.” - Mark Mallett

Here You Are

securedownloadMark is also releasing a compilation of new and previously recorded songs from his Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary CDs.  The title song, Here You Are, was spontaneously inspired and performed by Mark in Adoration of the Lord during one of his parish missions.

I personally experienced Here You Are at a recent mission with Mark Mallett and Fr. Seraphim Michalenko. Gentle weeping could be heard while many in attendance, including me, were drawn from our seats nearer to the Lord on bended knee as Here You Are prayerfully resonated in our heart through the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

It is my prayer, that through these songs, you will recognize Jesus living in you (2 Cor 13:5) and Jesus in the Eucharist. That you may cry out, whether in your home, car, prayer room, chapel or wherever you may be: Jesus, here You are!  - Mark Mallett

Visit to pre-order Vulnerable and Here You Are on or soon after May 15.

These albums have been a long time coming and they were well worth the wait.

Listen and be blessed.


Copyright 2013 Brian K. Kravec