She sees what she wants to get done
and loves with her accomplishments.
A gift to her child,
a blessing for her husband.
Too busy to see how much
has already been done,
too concerned with tomorrow
to enjoy today.

Forcing herself to compete
and check off tasks
on an arbitrary list.
Gaining nothing of value,
yet missing the essence
of a child's love.

A hug,
a kiss,
three small words
getting lost in the hustle.
A smile,
a laugh,
a story
too short to miss.

A mother's love is strong,
yet weak in the busyness of life.
Letting priorities get shifted
and looking ahead
instead of down at her child.

Too fast,
too soon,
it will be tomorrow.
Regrets will then set in,
and she will mourn the days she wasted.
Her child will be grown
and she will be old,
but her love will still be inside
waiting to flourish through her eyes.

Copyright 2013 Tanya Weitzel