Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning

It began innocently enough – two moms sharing the woes of spice cupboards-you know, the ones whose little glass bottles immediately spill over when one is looking for that last illusive ingredient for supper at six and it is now five forty(okay so this is my issue, my friend’s cupboard is infinitely more precise and user friendly). Anyhow, next thing I know Leslie bursts forth with many practical, smart and easy ideas for changes that would certainly bring new life and joy to my tiny, yet lovable and lived-in kitchen.

She graciously gives me a full afternoon of precious mom time to aid me in a thorough clean out and re-organization! Lots of items to recycle… I now have a pantry and everything seems close at hand and convenient.

Providentially, I also had a visit with another smart and savvy mom I know who introduced me to “Joy of Less” by Francine Jay. Lena’s home (mom of four youngsters under the age of 6)is remarkably neat, clean and free of clutter so, of course, I sought her “secret”. Over the last few years, Lena has made lots of decisions about “material stuff” motivated and inspired by Francine’s tips about considering the usefulness and lovability of all material goods. Does this particular item really deserve a place in our home? Is this something I use on a regular basis? Clear surfaces, a place for everything and everything in its place are mantras we have all come across but at the right time for our families, they may resound more loudly.

Managing a household of six children (an eclectic mix of ages, stages, passions and temperaments) and celebrating 25 years of marriage and mourning our baby Francis and sifting through all that I was “saving” for him-now seems to be the right  time for this Mom.

Another friend, Holly, shared with me her wardrobe transformation... project 333, that is: 33 items (clothes, shoes, outerwear, jewelry) for 3 months. Box the rest up until a re-assessment in a few months. Yes, ladies-I have a neat closet with more open space. Everything coordinates and makes picking an outfit easy and fun. I am also making more use of these items in new creative ways and it’s fun!

It is remarkably satisfying moving about in a home that is more efficient and user-friendly. As a homeschooling family we make a lot of use of all of our spaces. Conscious decision-making about what is and what is not important in our day-to-day walk is a skill I want to pass along to my children.

How I use this renewed sense of space and time will undoubtedly be a challenge. May God guide me to a spiritual spring cleaning that will help me prepare for my real home in eternity.

Blessings to you and yours for a warm and happy springtime!

Copyright 2013 Cathy Craig