eagleThe Eagle is the American symbol! Did you know that when the mother teaches the eaglets to fly by pushing them out of the nest (that rests atop a tall crag) and allows them to fall all the way down until they think they are doomed. Whoosh, the momma eagle flies under the eaglet and catches it before it falls.

Another way that eagle parents use to teach their eaglets to fly is to allow the eaglet to get very hungry and then dangle food in front of it. Eventually, the eaglet will lose his baby fat and go after that piece of meat. When he does, the parent will drop the food as a reward for the eaglet.

This makes me think of God and the way that he sometimes makes us suffer for things we want so that we will be strengthened to do the work he has for us to do. If we don’t make it, He is always there to fly under us and catch us before we hit the bottom.

I made this eagle craft with my boys a few years ago and I thought it would be a great craft to share with Catholicmom.com readers. This would be a cute way to memorize a Bible verse or to make Christian t-shirts for an Independence Day celebration. Have fun!

Items Needed:

Brown paint
White paint
Yellow paint
Construction paper
Isaiah 40 Printable Bible Verse
Wiggly eye

  1. First, paint one hand brown and press it onto the paper horizontally. Then press it horizontally the other way so that the palms touch.
  2.  We used the other hand for the white paint. We painted only three middle fingers white and pressed them vertically under the palm prints. Then, we painted our palms white and pressed them vertically to form the head.
  3. Next, paint a beak with yellow paint and glue a wiggly eye to the head.
  4. Finally, cut out the free Bible verse printable and glue it to the paper.