The Summer’s Hottest App for Families is Here The Summer’s Hottest App for Families is Here

We have high-tech apps for everything from social networking to tracking the latest storm.  Isn't it about time we have a super helpful App to help families keep on task?

Grab your smart phones, droids, iPads etc. and get ready to download the hottest app of the summer--Surviving Mom’s Day Off.  This remarkable App will give spouses, children, babysitters, and even the family pet strategic ways to navigate through a family’s most unthinkable nightmare—taking over the menial household responsibilities for a day or worse—longer!

If you’ve gathered that I might be planning a little getaway this summer, you’re absolutely correct.  Four very long years ago, I jetted off to Denver all by my lonesome, leaving my family home alone to fend for themselves.  Later this month, I will take to the friendly skies yet again to visit with one of my best friends, Mrs. Amy Way, mother of triplets now in college, born the day after my oldest arrived in this world.

I wasn’t tech savvy when I ventured off to the Rocky Mountains last time, but now that I’ve learned to text like my teens and semi-run our DVR, I can’t think of anything more helpful than to furnish my lucky family with this hot new App.

Let’s get started!  After your download is complete, you’ll have a helpful index to guide you through the plethora of duties that mom handles 24/7.   A little sampling (because Lord knows there is no way we can list them all in one sitting!) is shared below:

Kitchen Duties

The Dishwasher—though it’s been stated more times than a politician asking for your vote —it’s never a good idea to load the dishwasher with the meal still attached.  Gently scrape the large items such as chicken bones, crusts of bread, and the skins of the baked potato into the garbage  then load.  Keep this in mind for items on silverware such as peanut butter, cream cheese and the cat’s liver pate.   This will help keep the blades of the dishwasher from clogging on a weekly basis.

Empties—when you take the last of the cereal, cookies, microwave popcorn etc., you must take the empty carton and THROW IT AWAY.  This will allow the next family member not to become frustrated when they reach for a pop tart and find that its contents are actually all gone.  If you want to wow your family even further, keep a running list on the bulletin board so it can be replaced at next week’s shopping trip.

Microwave Upkeep—when heating a bowl of chili, pasta, or perhaps an overflowing bowl of oatmeal and it bubbles, spills and explodes all over the inside of the microwave, it never hurts to remove the turntable plate, soak it immediately and replace before these items get caked on.  Don’t think it’s that important?  You will when you reheat your morning coffee and taste bacon grease, hot fudge sauce, and leftover Chinese food because you didn’t bother to remove these icky messes before they become petrified.

Bathroom Victories

Maintaining a clean bathroom can be attainable but only by the highly trained individual.  When you’re in a pinch, these suggestions should help you skate by:

The toilet paper roll is held in place by a spindle.  When down to the last two or three plies, simply grab the spindle with a firm grasp between your thumb and forefinger and release spring.  Next, take a new roll of toilet paper and gently insert over spindle and snap easily back into place.  If you really can’t operate the complexity of the spring spindle, at the very least leave another fresh roll of toilet paper on top of the tank so that next in line won’t have to go without.

Clean around the bowl (that would be short for toilet) with a disinfectant spray at least once a week.  For male dominant households, this might require a little more diligence on your part.  Caring for the sinks are equally as important as toothpaste build-up and other debris seem to become caked on to all square footage of the bathroom making it a nightmare to scrape off when one’s mother n law is coming to visit.  Take the time to gently sponge clean these areas with an environmentally-friendly cleanser (I would never promote bleach) to keep your sink area fresh and inviting.

The Bedroom Areas

Because we know your mother would never use a snow shovel to clear a path from your doorway to your bed, we would hope you could respect her efforts in the laundry room and actually pull open your dresser drawers and put your clothes away—as in the same month they are laundered.  If this is too daunting of a task, at least stack your clean clothes in neat piles rather than strewn amongst the dirty floor—this applies in particular to socks and undergarments.

Free Download—Act Now

By now you’ve got the idea of how invaluable this new App is going to be so for a limited time only it’s being offered for FREE!  This is the least we can do for those hardworking homemakers who are frightened about what their fate will should they ever take a day off and leave their home into the trusty hands of those who actually live there.  And if you download within the next 24 hours, we’ll send you our complimentary new App—The Care and Upkeep of the Family Car so please act now!

Copyright 2013 Cheryl L. Butler