App Name: Confession

Developer: Little iApps

Cost: $1.99

I have a love/hate relationship with this app. 


I love that it can have different profiles (all password protected) so that more than one person can use the app. I love the ease of use. It’s just so obvious how to use it. And I love the examination of conscience that you can even customize. Or is that the part I hate?

I picked up the app and started playing with it shortly after attending Mass this weekend. I’d been to Confession and had received the Eucharist. I was feeling pretty, well, Catholic.

After establishing my profile by answering a few quick questions and entering a password, I loaded up the examination of conscience and began with the Ten Commandments. Clicking through on each commandment takes you to a list of things that are related to that commandment.

What an eye-opener! Things I never thought of in that light suddenly became crystal-clear.

For example, did you know that habitual over-eating is a violation of the 5th Commandment? Yes, because it can kill you by giving you all kinds of little diseases like high-blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. Yes, as you can see by my picture below, this is one of my favorite sins.

So, in addition to helping you organize that laundry list of sins you always end up with, it challenges you to think about what you’re doing a little more carefully and so you can ferret out the little imperfections that lead to bigger sins.

I have been using the app as part of my nighttime prayers, so this weekend, when I head to the confessional, I think I’m probably going to have the longest list of sins I’ve ever confessed.  But that’s all right.  When we bring our failings into the light, God can heal them. It’s when they’re still working in the shadows that you have to worry.

When I say I love and hate this app that just means I am a lazy Catholic and got too complacent.

So thanks, Little iApps. Evidently, I needed that kick in the pants.

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Copyright 2013 Katie O'Keefe