Have you heard of The Well-Read Mom?

the well-read mom

I'm not sure how it's been an entire year in the making and I haven't come across this fantabulous initiative before now, but let's just start with excited and end with thrilled.

The goal of The Well-Read Mom is to provide a structure for reading high quality literature , with the purpose of awakening our hearts so that we may enter more deeply into the Great Conversation.

Each year includes great books, spiritual classics (during Advent and Lent), worthy reads, poetry and selected essays from the Catholic and Western Tradition. The books are selected in a way that fits with the year’s theme and also in a way that works with the rhythm of a woman’s life (shorter reads or selected parts of a longer book are selected for the start of the school year and over the holiday months).

You'll find everything you need to support you as you read these books, including reading questions, tips and flyers for setting up a book club, and even audio downloads.

This is a great and much-needed resource. If you join, let me know. Maybe we could do a Well-Read Mom group here using our CM community (I'd be willing to post about it each month if anyone else is willing to read along)...what do you think?

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