My Mountain Biking Experience My Mountain Biking Experience

As the last fun act of summer my oldest son and I went mountain biking. My other boys were at a sleep over and my daughter was still at camp. My son is a beast on a mountain bike. We found the most wicked trails EVER! The trails were challenging climbing and climbing until my bike would be at a standstill. I would get off of my bike and walk it to the flat part and then start flying down the hills. My son of course was always way ahead of me. He would wait a bit for me and then take off again. I had to concentrate on the path directly in front of me. When I would take my eyes off of the path my bike would start to shift to one side and I would find my wheel outside of the path in leaves or plants. I had to constantly focus and my mind would stray to other thoughts and I would veer from the path again.  I would have to focus once more.

Our lives are so similar to that mountain biking experience. We have the challenges we must climb and from time to time we have to get off the bike and rest or regroup.  We have times when we cannot seem to concentrate and everything but what is most important takes our thoughts and our time away from us. If we keep our eyes focused on the path we will not only enjoy the ride but find our destination.

My children and I watched the miniseries “The Bible” recently. My youngest son was really intrigued by all of the stories. Today he asked me “Mom, why did Peter fall into the water when he looked away from Jesus?” I answered him, “Jake, when Peter looked away from Jesus he doubted that he could walk on water. He no longer had faith. But when he looked at Jesus he trusted him and believed he could do it.”

When we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and our faith we can climb the highest mountains, we can bike the craziest paths, we can accomplish anything. But when we take our eyes off of the focus of our lives we slip, we veer, we waiver, and we fall. One of the best things about God is that when we fall, and we often do, God helps us back up onto our bike and helps us to regain our focus once more.

Keep your eyes on the path. Keep your faith in your direct view and God will take you for the ride of your life.

Copyright 2013 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp