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New out this month from our friends at CCC of America is a terrific mobile app for iOS that will be a great teaching tool for families looking to share the faith. Loaves & Fishes is aimed at teaching young learners (and old ones like me too!) the Good News by a precious retelling of the scripture account of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Two wonderful child narrators recount the story. The gospel account is interspersed with fun learning games such as color matching and counting games. The app does include the option for an in-app purchase, a two-player board game. The cost of this add-on is $1.99, but the free app is very fun even without this additional purchase.

I truly hope that Loaves & Fishes is a huge success and that our support of this app will encourage CCC of America to develop additional faith-based learning tools like this one for our families.


Here's the information on this game from CCC of America:

Journey with us on a great bible story and learn about the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes! A little boy who was willing to share his lunch with Jesus tells the story of how he saw a GREAT miracle happen. We follow him and his friend and help them go fishing near the Sea of Galilee then join a crowd of 5,000 people who came to hear about His teachings.

Well suited for young children, this educational app is divided into chapters that focus on one lesson concept; learn the story by listening, color exploration, counting and by playing a classic memory card game. All while interacting with the characters and being a part of the story.

By playing this app kids will be inspired to share and give to others with a cheerful heart.


•The story of the bible told through a child’s perspective – exciting and memorable
•Get to know the story by excising word association through a classic game of 'Memory'
•Amazing original graphics and illustrations
•Kid friendly interface
•No third party advertising (ever)
•Learning by doing, touch, repeat, trial and error

In App Purchase

A board game where you try to find 5 loaves before your friend can find 2 fishes. By purchasing this add-on you are contributing to the development of more Faith-based interactive apps that your family can truly believe in.

Download Loaves & Fishes at iTunes

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