Escort to God by Melissa Dayton Escort to God by Melissa Dayton

After a five year hiatus that involved a Diocesan program for Lay Ecclesial Ministry, the formation of a nonprofit for teens and the birth of her 7th and 8th child; artist Melissa Dayton is happy to announce the reopening of Pearls of Grace Fine Art Prints.

Best known for her print "Escort to God" for those who have suffered the loss of an infant, her other prints such as St. Michael and Blessed John Paul II are also back online.  A new giclee print called "Good Friday" for those who are struggling emotionally or for those who minister to them, is featured on the site as well.

Good Friday Good Friday

New to this website is a section of smaller gift items with more affordable products than the giclee prints. "Giclee prints are beautiful museum quality prints that replicate the original painting perfectly. They are truly beautiful pieces of art, but they are expensive to produce and sell. We decided that cost shouldn’t keep people from being able to have the images. We have necklaces, small 8x10 prints, cards and ornaments. More small items will be added over the next month as well," shares Melissa.

Commissioned portrait by Melissa Dayton Commissioned portrait by Melissa Dayton

Also new to the site is the ability to work with Melissa and have a portrait commissioned of you children. These portraits have a several month wait and space is limited. Please make sure that while you’re on the site you hop over to ‘Like’ the Pearls of Grace Fine Art Facebook page and both of her blogs.

Another interesting link is to Melissa and her husband’s new site for teens ‘You Can NOT Be Replaced’ that they began a little over a year ago in response to a suicide cluster in their community. The focus is the irreplaceable person, strengthening families, character building and redefining success. The passable wristbands on the site have traveled across the country with numbers over 14,000 being passed from teen to teen in just over a year.

Melissa and her husband are also available for speaking at events, school assemblies, and parent workshops.

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