I'm still waiting for this book to land in my inbox, but wanted to share Pope Benedict XVI's book The Transforming Power of Faith with you now, so that you can enjoy it during what remains of the Year of Faith. LMH

Last book by Pope Benedict XVI captures his parting audiences on the power of faith

The Transforming Power of Faith The Transforming Power of Faith

SAN FRANCISCO, August 21, 2013 – A few months before his historic resignation, Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed a Year of Faith for the Church, an important opportunity for Christians to reflect upon and deepen the life of faith within them, to renew their belief in and relationship with Jesus Christ, the one Savior of the World, and to revive, as the Holy Father said, “the joy of walking on the path he pointed out to us, and bear witness to the transforming power of faith.” Faith means taking the transforming message of Christ into our lives, receiving the revelation of God, who makes us know that he exists, how he acts, what his plans for us are, and how much he loves and cares for us.

Part of Pope Benedict XVI’s catecheses for the Year of Faith included a series of sixteen talks given at his weekly audience from October 2012 to the end of his papacy in February 2013. These last audiences of Pope Benedict XVI are his parting public gift to the church and are all captured here in this new book, The Transforming Power of Faith.

These talks explore how and why faith is relevant in the contemporary world. How can we come to certainty about things that cannot be calculated or scientifically confirmed? What does God’s revelation mean for our daily lives? How can the hunger of the human heart be fulfilled? Offering the guidance of biblical exegesis, pastoral exhortation, and brotherly encouragement, Pope Benedict seeks to answer these questions and many others in The Transforming Power of Faith.

Pope Benedict explains, “Having faith in the Lord is not something that involves solely our intelligence, the area of intellectual knowledge; rather, it is a change that involves our life, our whole self: feelings, heart, intelligence, will, corporeity, emotions, and human relationships. With faith everything truly changes.”

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