Small Steps for Catholic Moms Small Steps for Catholic Moms

Editor's note: Today, we continue our weeklong celebration of the publication of Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Your Daily Call to Think, Pray and Act, the newest installment in the Books partnership with Ave Maria Press. Today, we have a great review from Cheryl Dickow. LMH

Small Steps” is both sweet and simple.

Each month focuses on a particular topic. January’s theme is “joy” while February moves to “simplicity.” In summer we find “humility” in July and “charity” covered in August. The year ends with December’s look at “peace.”

Each day’s entry within each month is quite simple. It has a “think” portion that is either a Scripture verse or a quote from a saint. Below this is a “Pray” section that puts into straightforward words the essence of the day’s message. The day’s entry ends with an “Act” piece in which the reader is encouraged to put into action the words of the page—to make it real—through a suggested activity or practice.

Daily devotionals are our way of living our lives more consciously and with greater meaning; however, life itself often gets in the way of our great intentions and our daily devotionals often get pushed aside. It is this truth that the authors address in the introduction that, for me, was the most cherished line in the entire book. It was something that alone made the book worth having and cherishing. If you are a busy Catholic woman with great intentions to grow in holiness and a desire to be more Christian in your daily walk, Small Steps for Catholic Moms will deliver for you a sweet, helping hand; but it may actually be that line in the introduction that will sing to your heart more than anything else.

As much as I enjoyed reading through the days of the devotional, that one line from the introduction lodged quickly and deeply in my heart: If you begin to use it daily and then wind up setting it aside for a while, you will not have failed.

Right there, in the very beginning, we know we are in the hands of sisters who understand us and our journey and our desires for holiness. We feel that we are in good company and while we will do our best with our new devotional, we know that no matter what each day holds, we will have not failed.

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