Small Steps for Catholic Moms Small Steps for Catholic Moms

Editor’s note: Today, we continue our weeklong celebration of the publication of Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Your Daily Call to Think, Pray and Act, the newest installment in the Books partnership with Ave Maria Press. Today, we have a great review from a dad's perspective by Marlon De La Torre. LMH

Sometimes taking small steps in your daily walk with Christ is just the right remedy needed in handling daily challenges.  A resource has come along to do that just but with Catholic moms in mind. Small Steps for Catholic Moms is a unique nourishing guide that provides Catholic moms everywhere an opportunity to reflect on their beautiful role as Catholic moms and as daughters of God, but for us dads to better understand and honor our wives as beloved mothers in the name of Christ.

One the many unique qualities of this book are its three simple steps to think, pray, and act. Each daily meditation begins with a quote from a saint tied to the first step (think), then the second step asks you to (pray) or discern what the saint in the first step is asking of you and then (act) or live out this call.

These daily meditations surprisingly engage your faith with its simple format essentially helping you to reflect on the simplicity of life. There is a clear and cogent display of the gifts of faith and reason applied in each daily meditation and as a result, you see a continual progression of each theme building upon the other.

Even though this book’s intended target audience is Catholic moms, I must admit that the practical wisdom in this book can actually serve Catholic dads very well. The format avails itself to both husbands and wives. The more I read each daily meditation the more engaged I become to practice the simple steps to think, pray, and act.  Who knew!

Small Steps for Catholic Moms is the perfect daily meditation suited to bring life’s daily challenges into a basic perspective to think, pray and act.

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