Our Team Our Team: Making the Most of Catholic Education

Other teams scream and cheer. Other coaches yell and berate their players. Other teams that are in Catholic Schools wear the jerseys and run the races like our team. But our team prays together! Every meet before each race they pray with their coach Dario, the best coach ever, the Hail Mary. They end with Saint Bernard pray for us. Then they yell “We are wildcats”.

So many children attend Catholic schools and are there just for the “private” education.  That is not why I sacrifice to send my children to Catholic grade schools and High Schools. My husband and I sacrifice so much so that they receive a faith centered “Catholic” education. I want prayers in the morning, before snacks, before lunch, at the end of the day and before every sporting event. I want my children to know God well.

It all starts at home. We go to Church weekly, we do service together, we pray together as a family. I have no desire to have my children on a Catholic sports team that does not know God, lean on God or talk about the gifts that God has given them. I can go to club sports if all I want is the skill level. Catholic Schools and sports teams should be Christ centered! I thank God that my children have Dario as their coach to lead them in this way. Before every race I give my children each a pep talk and I tell them you talk to God and pray when you need him out there He will get you through the race. Last week my youngest said, “Mom, I talked to God a lot about getting me through and asking Him when it would end.”

The point is they have a relationship with God and it is cultivated by me, my family, my church, our school and our coaches. It’s not about winning the game or getting the career. It is about knowing, loving and serving one another and God.  If I have done my job as a mom correctly my children will get that!

Copyright 2013 Lori Hadorn Disselkamp