I was given a copy of this book for review. Thoughts are my own.

The Inspiration for The Love Dare Day by Day

You've undoubtedly seen 2008's #1 indie film, Fireproof by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. And, like thousands of others who loved the movie, you may have been asking, "But, what is the real Love Dare?" So, the fictional book in the movie became a reality.

Now, the Kendricks have created the next installment of The Love Dare - The Love Dare Day by Day.

A Brief Description of The Love Dare Day by Day

This daily devotional offers 52 biblically based dares for couple to complete along with a daily reflection on the vocation of marriage and online content to deeper your understanding. Dares range from praying for the ability to love biblically to asking your spouse to start praying with you.


  • 365 readings on aspects of genuine love
  • 52 weekly dares to help readers better live out their love in marriage
  • Dozens of prayers spouses can pray for themselves and their partners
  • Questions to spur creative thinking about your marriage
  • More than 100 “Go Deeper” sections for personal Bible study on marriage and love
  • A link to a free online marriage evaluation resource

My Thoughts

I had a chance to review a copy of this book, as I am the self-proclaimed resident daily devotional expert, and I found it to be incredibly accessible and passionate. Just from reading the very first day's entry, I could tell that the authors of this book care deeply about saving the sanctity of marriage. In fact, I read on their website:

"Love is a choice." and "Marriage is a covenant,  not a contract,” Stephen Kendrick reminds us. “A contract says, ‘I take you for myself.’ A covenant says, ‘I give myself to you.’"

See what I mean? I can't imagine that your marriage would not be better from completing any one of these devotions or dares. And, note that I didn't say they were easy, but they sure are beneficial.

This one has a special place in my daily prayer collection. Will it have a special place in yours?

Copyright 2013 Jenna Hines