This book comes with a warning, because it's likely to make you laugh in ways uncomfortable and inappropriate. While you're laughing you'll find yourself thinking more deeply about God and life and what must possess Lino Rulli to do the things he does...

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Saint: Why I Should Be Canonized Right Away

By Lino Rulli (Servant Books, 2013)

About the book:

If you've been waiting for a saint that cries like a schoolgirl, was once an aspiring rapper, is a really good kisser, and rode an elephant in the circus...then your prayers have been answered!

Lino Rulli is hilarious, brutally honest, and ready for his canonization.Saint picks up where Sinner left off. Lino's stories of triumph and failure suggest that you might not be as big a sinner as you think. And that, with God's grace, you might just become a saint.

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