Zondervan provided us with these lovely books free of charge. My thoughts are my own. 

I've been on the hunt for two things lately. The first is a kids' music CD with all of the classic prayers. The second is a series of children's books that introduce Bible stories with fun illustrations.

The hunt for the first is still on (and if you have any leads, please do tell), but the second search is over.

Zondervan's The Beginner's Bible series is a colorful, simple and accessible set of books that is perfect for children ages 2-5. These soft cover books are super popular and affordable with their $3.99 price tag. Not too shabby.

Ellen got a chance to review A Queen Named Esther and David Battles Goliath. I didn't know how she would handle the books because she isn't familiar with the stories, and she tends to only like books about cats...But, to my delight, she asked to have them read to her multiple times.

IMG_6294 Mima even got in on the reading action.


I was nervous before reading them to her because I know Bible stories often have violence, and I didn't know how she would handle it. But, I didn't want to shelter her from parts of the Bible. Other things, yes. The Bible, not so much. But, I really liked the way they handled battles and such. The used age appropriate language and pictures that got the point across without being too scary. Perfect.


And, if we're being totally honest here, I learned a few things from these books too. Sometimes you have to put things in children's terms to really grasp the concept. No shame here.