God will command His angels to guard you in all of your ways. Psalm 91:11

I’m not quite sure what I have done in this life to deserve the blessings God gives me but last week He outdid Himself!  I was blessed in a huge way this week by three of my little lovelies.  They taught me that important lessons and reminders come from people of all shapes and sizes!

It all began with a simple assignment in our Catholic handwriting book…but it led to something so big it took my breath away.

it took my breath away

Page 27 asked the children to draw a picture of their Guardian Angel and answer the question, “How does your Guardian Angel help you?”  I got lots of the beautiful standard answer, “He protects me” and “She keeps me safe.” “He plays baseball when I do and watches over me.”  I love those answers because that is truly how they see it and they feel so lucky and safe when they think about God’s loving guardian to them.  It really is one of my favorite pages in the whole book!

Then one of the little lovelies brought up her book and read to me.  In her beautiful handwriting she had written “My Guardian Angel helps me be the best version of myself.”  I stood there in weepy silence just looking at her sweet smile.  Wow! We had given every school family a copy of Matthew Kelly’s book Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic at the beginning of the school year…I could tell her family had read and shared the book!

My heart was so tickled at her response and I sat there listening to the next few students with a perpetual smile and then it happened again!  A truly adorable and compassionate little boy came to the front of the line and read, “My Guardian Angel  maks me good be cus sum tims I be a little bit notty but then my Guardian Angel halps me.” It was complete with a picture of a flying angel in the clouds and a little boy standing on the grass.  The angel had a speech bubble that said “You be good!”  I was misty-eyed with the happiest and proudest tears ever.

Just as we were ready to move on with our day, one last little lovely brought over his book.  He is always one of the first ones to finish and I hadn’t noticed that he hadn’t reported in yet.  When he showed me his book, I noticed his page was full and I could feel an avalanche coming on…and that’s exactly what I got! He had written, “He helps me to know God.  To love God. To glourify God. To adore God. Give thanks to God. Do good sacrifisis. Respect othurs. Do good deeds. Tell othurs abowt God.”  All I had were tears of enormous blessing and joy!  I was inspired by the depth and beauty of his answer to say the least!

These little lovelies are 7 and they were this inspired by one simple sentence. They “GET IT” they know what their mission in life is and they know who will help them get it done.  They amaze me and I’m so glad I have a way to share their faith, wisdom and simple, sincere love of God with all of you.

The next time you’re tempted to think a child is too young to understand something, ask them anyway…you may just have your breath taken away!

A Seed To Plant: Rent or borrow (no need to have your own) a child and have a conversation about God, Jesus, angels, or saints.  You just may be in for the greatest Theology lesson of the week!

Blessings on your day!

Copyright 2013 Sheri Wohlfert