Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Catholic Techie Matthew Warner

Meet Catholic Techie Matthew Warner, founder of Internet Catholic Coolness and man of much interestingness. Don't miss this week's Catholic Techie interview!

Five Blocks Away – The Movie

What if a Catholic parish made a movie? And what if it was GOOD? That's exactly what Tech Talk columnist Chad Torgerson has found: read more about it and lend your support and prayers!

The Scriptural Rosary App

The Scriptural Rosary App is absolutely worth the investment, says Tech Talk columnist Katie O'Keefe, and will lead to a better and more focused prayer experience.

The Miraculous Medal App

The Miraculous Medal App is free and has quite a bit of material that's well worth your time, according to reviewer Allison Gingras.

Game Review: X-Men: Origins Wolverine, the game

John Konecsni reviews X-Men: Origins Wolverine, the game for our Tech Talk team. Find out what he thinks is worth noting.

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