Finding God in All Things Finding God in All Things

St. Ignatius of Loyola is one of my favorite saints, which I’ve mentioned before in my posts.  His spirituality is a very practical one which appeals to me very much.  One of the questions or concepts he tries to teach is the notion that God is present in all that happens to us in our ordinary daily life; we need to look and find him. In order to do this we need to pay attention and be mindful.

The spiritual life takes effort and sometimes my efforts are less than stellar and need more attention than I am willing to give.  But I find that no matter how poorly I think I am doing, I find time to find God in my day.  Doing this builds up gratitude, keeps me open to the Spirit and reminds me to pray.

Finding God also helps me turn annoying things into less annoying things.  Yes, there is traffic but it means I can finish the whole rosary on my drive to work.  And while standing in heals drinking tea may not seem like evangelizing, if all those ladies really do come to bible study, by golly, it was worth the balancing act. How many times am I feeling a bit overwhelmed, turn on some music and hear a song that reminds me I can do this because God is with me.   In the end, God is present in every moment of our lives.  We do our part by remembering that we saw him and then act accordingly.

Where did you find God today?

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