It's All Led to This Point It's All Led to This Point

It was the last race of the year and Jake, my 8 year old, was running 1.2 miles. I was so proud of him. He held on to 5th place until the chute and that 6th place person beat him right out of a medal. He ran that race so hard, filled with heart and determination. It was his best race of the year, best time, best pace and best placing. Four months of running and conditioning led to this point. Before the race his brother, Spencer, told him “Jake, all your practices have led to this race (not to put any pressure on you or anything).”

What Spencer said was right, all the practice and conditioning leads to the best race ever. We do this in our own lives but we don’t realize it. We condition our thoughts, our actions and our lifestyle with what we do daily. We reach a point of insecurity and think I cannot do this. When truly everything we have accomplished in our lives, all the experiences we have endured have led us to this very moment in time when we are challenged or intimidated. Just know that where ever you are in your journey everything you have experienced has led you to this point. “Don’t forget, like I tell my boys before their races, God is with you every step of the way. Just ask Him to carry you when it gets too tough.” Remember you are ready for this.

Copyright 2013 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp