and the mom of the year award goes to

I believe a standing ovation is in befitting the scenario on that morning. Picture it: one little girl crossing the threshold into her kindergarten classroom, her mother behind her.

Just as she is turning around to make a scene again, her expressionless mother closes the door.

And holds it there.

Not this time.  Sorry, kid.  It’s time to go to school.

There’s no noise, no wailing or screaming. (I guess the torture devices they usually keep at school are not there that day.) After a few moments, the pressure against the other side of the door stops.

It’s safe.  The same expressionless mom runs away before girl can run out after her.

“It’s all rainbows and sunshine and unicorns once you are gone.” That’s what the teacher said after last week’s meltdown.  All “rainbows and sunshine and unicorns,” after the flood of tears and the pleadings for mommy not to go.  A completely different girl once I left, apparently.

So no, sir, I don’t feel bad about standing on one side of the door and holding it shut while the girl stood on the other side trying to push it open and run out.

When I pick her up I ask cheerfully, “So, honey, how was your day?”  Bubbly, happy girl replies, “I had fun, Mama!”

Of course she did.

But wait!  There’s more! Fast forward to later that same night.

Who is that?  Why, it’s my little girl who is volunteering to set the table for the whole family.  And she is singing while she does it.  She’s singing “My Country Tis of Thee” no less, and making up her own lyrics to the tune.

I observe, “Sweetie!  How wonderful of you!  You’re such a big, helpful girl!”

“I am a big girl, mama! I go to school!” she says.

So I guess the old “caged animal” approach to education does work.  True story.

And the mom of the year award goes to…not me.  But you are now free to give me a standing ovation.

Do you have any “mom of the year” award moments from the past week or month to share?

Copyright 2013 Marissa Nichols