Heather and her family Heather, Cameron and Lily

Hi all! My name is Cameron Von St. James. Lisa has been kind enough to let me share a little bit of my family’s story with you. My wife Heather is an 8-year survivor of mesothelioma - a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. When she was diagnosed, she had just given birth to our little girl, Lily. Heather was told she only had 15 months left to live. I was quickly thrown into the role of caregiver, and together we decided we would do whatever it took to beat the cancer. Nearly 8 years later, Heather is cancer free and doing what she loves most; raising Lily. Because she beat the odds and is one of few long-term survivors of mesothelioma, it is our mission to spread awareness of mesothelioma by sharing our personal story.

If her cancer has taught us anything, it’s the value of life and the value of gratitude. Her diagnosis was in the Holiday season, and every year around this time she gets what we call the “Holiday Blues” Therefore, she created “30 Days of Thankfulness” where she acknowledges something in her life that she is thankful for every day throughout the month.

Well this holiday season, I am thankful for my wife’s endless courage, my daughter’s radiant smile, and all the help people like Lisa have given us on our mission to spread awareness of this awful disease.

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