This Christmas The Doc Is In

My kids have been enjoying Disney’s Doc McStuffins, a cartoon whose protagonist “Doc” is the most adorable toy doctor evah.

There are several reasons why I love this show.

Doc is a little girl of color.

Here’s where the feminist in me appreciates the gender and racial inclusivity of the show.  Little Doc, who is African American, is the same age as my daughter, Abigail, who is mixed Hispanic (me) and English (my husband).  Guess what she wants to be now when she grows up?

Boys love the show.

My son also loves the show.  There are enough cars, robots and stuntmen needing “check ups” to hold his attention.   Doc Mc Stuffins doesn’t just take temperatures and administer Band-Aids.  She also breaks out the screwdrivers, batteries and hammers when called for.  You had my son at “tools.”

The show proves that caring for others is universally appealing for children.

It’s been wonderful to witness the natural empathy in both of my older kids emerge.  The other day I cut my finger.  All I had to do was say, “I need a doctor!” and both kids sprang into action.  Sure, they checked my eyes, reflexes, blood pressure and heartbeat all just for a measly cut, but my check up was a priceless parenting moment, complete with kids singing, “Time for your check up” while they worked.

My kids now want doctor’s kits for Christmas.

Guess what the most popular seller is this year?  Yup. A Doc McStuffins Kit complete with play syringe, stethoscope and sphygmomanometer and reflex hammer.

My kids are now using words like syringe, stethoscope and sphygmomanometer.


The songs in show are quality.  

I don’t even mind them getting stuck in my head all day…or week.

The world needs more good, pro-life doctors to be sure.  Dare this mama hope that hers might add to their ranks?

Whether they do or not, I am grateful for Disney’s Doc McStuffins becoming a part of their childhood and our household’s daily life.

Parents, are there any shows you are grateful for?  Have your kids seen Doc McStuffins?

Copyright 2013 Marissa Nichols