Usually I bemoan the fact that the world around us doesn’t seem to understand that Christmas continues until the Baptism of the Lord.  The radio no longer plays carols, no more specials on TV, and decorations are coming down.

Generally, I share a blog this time of year urging everyone to keep Christmas through the entire liturgical season.  While I am still convicted of this, something little changed my perspective just a little this year.

On December 26, my young teenagers commented that the day after Christmas can be depressing because of the sudden drop in festivity.  Then she said, “Christmas is over in the material world, but that just makes it easier to celebrate in the spiritual world.”

Good point, kiddo.

Why not look at this as an opportunity?  This is our chance to take back this important and sacred celebration.  Search the web for meaningful family crafts and activities.  Sing rich and beautiful songs.  Eat special foods.  Use DVDs and CDs to keep the season and its true meaning in the hearts of your family.

Finally, without so many distractions, take more time to pray together.  When you are out, stop at different churches to pray for a moment in front of the Nativity.  Sing carols for bedtime prayers or at mealtime prayer.  Walk your family through the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.  Meditate on the Holy Family and ask for God’s help and guidance for your own family.

And have a Merry, blessed Christmas!

Copyright 2014 Kate Daneluk