Today's Gospel: Matthew 2:1-12

I’m excited I get to write the gospel reflection for the Epiphany of Our Lord.  This is a great story with a stirring plot.  It’s a story of adventure, travel, faith, discovery and intrigue.

Epiphany means a revelation or realization.  The Epiphany of the Lord is the revelation of the Divine nature of the baby Jesus to all the world.  

All the world!  Gentiles too, as represented by the Magi.  Christ is for everyone, every nation and race and every status in life.

No one knows for sure whether the star that guided the Magi to Jesus was a comet or unusual alignment of planets, or something else that God created to guide them.  But they followed the star with faith and journeyed to another land to greet the newborn King of the Jews.

On our journey through our own lives, if we have faith and follow the guidance of Our Lord’s light, it will guide us to Jesus also!  

The Magi prostrated themselves and did Him homage, though they were not even Jews.  It strikes me how reverent and humble they behaved toward the Baby and His Mother.  

I can’t help but compare their adoration to the indifference and disrespect we sometimes exhibit at Mass or going to Holy Communion.   

They opened their treasures and offered the child Jesus fine gifts.  

I love the intrigue in this story of how King Herod tried to trick the Magi into telling Him where Jesus was, pretending he wanted to do Him homage also.  Too bad for you, Herod!  They were warned in a dream, and they turned the trick back on Herod, by going home another way. 

It’s like the plot of a good movie where Good triumphs over Evil.  Honesty always trumps deceit.  

God always has our back and tells us the right way to go.  

Through the Holy Bible and the teachings of the Catholic Church, He guides us which path to take as clearly as the star guided the Magi.


What gifts do we offer Jesus?  Do we offer Him kindness and compassion in our dealings with other people throughout the week, or do we offer Him rudeness, unkindness, animosity or indifference?  If it’s sometimes the latter, then let’s step up our game and make our interactions with others more positive next week.


Jesus, help me to see the signs leading to you. Give me the grace to offer you my very best.

Copyright 2014 Deborah Shelby