My Pigeon Heart by Denise Sleete is a beautiful story about a pigeon finding Jesus. The book is written for children ages 4 to 12. My husband and our four-year-old son enjoyed listening to the story during a few car trips to Christmas gatherings and were eager to find out what the pigeon, named Midgie, was up to next.


Midgie is an orphaned pigeon in the big city living on top of a beautiful cathedral. She loves listening to the hymns and organ music coming from within the building. Words of Jesus and forgiveness inspire her to want to meet Jesus. She waits outside the cathedral waiting for God and Jesus to come out and they never do. Following the advice from a song, “Seek Jesus and you shall find him,” she travels on a journey to the country in search of Him.

Midgie acts upon her faith and becomes a disciple of Jesus preaching to anyone she meets. She tells others about Jesus's promise of eternal life. Midgie loves to share all she has learned about Jesus from living on top of a cathedral. She helps her new friends believe and receive Jesus into their hearts.

Midgie's story is entertaining and engaging. She teaches many Christian values: that God will provide through the power of prayer, how to talk to Jesus in prayer, thankfulness, praising God through hymns, and God-given talents. Mary, the mother of Jesus, also helps a young audience understand Jesus's birth, death, and resurrection in a simple way.

The illustrations take up whole pages and are very detailed as the reader follows along with Midgie's adventures. The lyrics to three Christian songs are in the back of the book. A reference guide is also included. Denise's husband, Jeff, has compiled definitions for terms and concepts of the Bible which he explains at a level that young children will appreciate. His work assists in deepening the audience's understanding of a relationship with Jesus.

This story focuses on nondenominational Christianity in order to have a broader audience. It is a wonderful gift for any child who wants to learn more about Jesus and become closer to Him. There is a gift page where a giver can write the child's name, their own name, and the date and occasion of the gift. The unique cover has a three-dimensional heart necklace that protrudes from Midgie's neck.

In order to grow in faith, one must learn, preach, and live it. In My Pigeon Heart, Midgie opens her heart to love Jesus and everyone she meets. Are you ready to do the same?

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