This app by Saint Meinrad Archabbey encourages the user to Honor Your Inner Monk.


Saint Meinrad Archabbey believes that all Christians have an “inner monk” and can grow closer to God through a personal relationship with him. Being in constant communication with Him throughout the day with these little contemplative moments will help one to do that.

The app contains morning and afternoon prayers reminding the user to pray at different times during the day like a monk. The prayers are short and only take a few moments to pray.

Honor Your Inner Monk works without wireless access. It is very handy and an easy reminder to stop, pray, and listen. There is a button for the morning prayer and afternoon prayer.

Click on the prayer which corresponds to the time of day, pray the prayer, and then press “Amen”. If the sound is on, the user will hear “Amen” chanted. The app keeps track of how many days in a row the user prayed the morning and afternoon prayers and gives congratulations for sticking with it.

This simple, yet meaningful, app is free and is available on Android and iOS as well as without any device, used online. Will you honor your inner monk by trying it out?

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