While researching the issue of bad breath, I’ve found that many agree on the likely cause:  halitosis is mostly due to poor digestion and poor gut health, and doesn’t have as much to do with how well you brush your teeth as we’ve always believed.  I have to say that while certain favorite foods (pictured above) still cause Kent to back away at times, I don’t have the same issues with bad breath that I used to before switching over to real food.  And, no big surprise, my digestive issues are much better as well.  Aaaaand I’m hardly ever sick.  Yep, real food, gut health, and our immune system all go hand in hand!

So here are some tips for clearing up your bad breath:

  1. Since bad digestion and not enough healthy bacteria in the immune system is a big reason many have bad breath, cleaning up your diet, and possibly even implementing the GAPS Diet, may be in order.  (Body odor is due to the same problems, by the way…)

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