Today's Gospel: Mark 2:13-17

As a healer herself, Blessed Christina Ciccarelli would have looked upon the “sinners and tax collectors” in much the same way as Jesus looked upon them: as a doctor and a healer.

Rather than impose further injury onto those who were already aware they were wounded, Jesus instead sought to lift their burdens, allowing for healing. He desired for them to be made whole again so that they could live out the lives God had meant for them.

Jesus said that his yoke was easy and his burden light. He sought to lift burdens of guilt and bring the soothing balm of healing to everyone he encountered.

How can I do the same?


Am I like Jesus? Am I like his servant, Blessed Christina? Do I lift burdens by keeping judgments to myself and instead, offer healing through my compassion and love? Do I take the time to understand the one who is burdened and may not even be aware of it?

How do I feel when I have done something wrong and I am surrounded by judgment? Don’t I tend to hide away my wounds, allowing them to fester, eating away at me inside?


Jesus, there are many around me with heavy burdens. Give me patience and compassion for them today, and help me to accept the help of those who would do the same for me.

Copyright 2014 Susan Bailey