Today's Gospel: Mark 4:1-20

How is my life fruitful?  Is it fruitful to begin with?  It’s safe to say that all of us struggle interiorly with various vices, bad habits, or sinful attitudes.  At some point in our lives, we can all reflect on the times when we have been the sower whose seeds were eaten by the birds, the one whose seeds fell on rocky ground, and whose seeds were choked by thorns.

When we hear God’s Word, do we dismiss it easily?  Do we question it with skepticism?  Do we, in a duplicitous fashion, put on a façade to the world that we are truly pious when, in fact, we harbor a heart that is darkened by secrets and skeletons?

It’s time to be real, to be authentic reflections of the women God has called and created us to be.  The time has arrived for us to throw aside our complex analyses, our hesitation and our skepticism of what God is calling us to do and be for His Kingdom.  I’m speaking of a simplicity and poverty of heart, a heart that is truly open and can listen in the solitude for God’s whisper – through Scripture and Sacraments alike.

We have barely begun a new calendar year, and fresh beginnings are still lingering in our minds as we confidently clear our closets and clean the house.  What about doing some housecleaning in our souls?  The world speaks a message to us that we can do and be everything to everyone, but it is a falsity that must be extinguished, beginning in our own hearts and attitudes.

How can I clear the cobwebs in my heart and soul so that the voices of the world and sin become mute and God’s beckoning to me is loud and clear?  Let’s start with committing to frequenting the Sacrament of Reconciliation on a regular basis, perhaps monthly, if possible.  There’s no greater place to begin some spiritual housecleaning than by confessing our sins so that we may gain a better grasp on what we truly struggle with beneath the surface and busyness and noise of our lives and wives and mothers.  Confession not only absolves us from our sins, but it also grants us the grace to see ourselves more honestly and to continually make an offering of our weaknesses to God each day so that we can begin to heal from deep-seated wounds and ills of all kinds.

When we become more self-aware through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we take a step forward in becoming the sower of seeds that fall on rich soil and bear great fruit for God’s Kingdom.  The question I must ask myself is, “Am I willing to give God the greatest gift – the gift of myself – so that He may truly accomplish His work in and through my life?”  Let us resolve to be renewed in spirit through the precious gifts of the Sacraments so that we can truly bear fruit that will last.


When can you make a "date" with Jesus in the sacrament of Reconciliation? What spiritual housecleaning can you take care of today?


Lord, grant me the grace to see where I need to do some spiritual housecleaning and the ability to cooperate with you in getting it done.

Copyright 2014 Jeannie Ewing