Well, when I asked for a word for this year with a fuzzy, mush brain on January 1, the word that popped into my head was quite unexpected, a surprise really, because it is not a word that I would usually focus on. What popped into my head seemed boring and mundane at first..steadfast.


Then, unexpectedly, I started to smile because I realized that when I remain constant and steady, all sorts of wonderful things happen deep within me, seemingly without my participation, if I just stay focused and constant, steady. My intuition—my creativity—bubbles up when I remain still in one spot and give those gifts a chance to form and rise up.

Now for some people , this might seem to be a boring, stodgy sort of word. But for some reason I started to smile as bubbles of joy started to pop up and float through my whole system. In fact I am grinning quite foolishly right at this moment.

It occurs to me that is I simply remain steady, grounded, looking at Him, He will do the rest of the real work in me. All I am called to do is keep my eyes fixed on God, steadily. unwaveringly and He will do the healing and transforming be

So my success for this week is only one: I actually heard the voice of God and I have a word to direct me for this year. I did not have to fast or pray for hours. No, I just turned to my Dad in heaven and He provided the answer immediately because when I ask for bread, he does not give me a stone.

steadfast collage

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