Many of you came along with me on my incredible journey this Fall to Rwanda via my "Rwanda Journal" here at For me, the opportunity to travel to Africa with Catholic Relief Services was a life-altering experience. While I've been blessed to journey to many interesting and exotic places, that one week in Rwanda truly flipped my world on end!

Since returning, my emotions have run the gamut from joy to sorrow  to shock and back again. I find myself reading the news with a different perspective. No longer are stories that happen half a world away something to simply glance at and move along from, promising myself to remember the issues in my prayers. While my commitment to those prayer intentions haven't changed or lessened in any way, the sense of urgency I have to share these feelings with my friends and loved ones grows stronger by the day.

So today at, we unveil a new feature that has been three months in the making. Every Wednesday, we will now be bringing you "World View Wednesday" articles. These will come from a variety of perspectives, including regular articles from our friends at Catholic Relief Services, from a few "WVW" special contributors, and from voices that have been familiar to you here at the site.

World View Wednesday will focus on helping you -- our reading family -- keep abreast of news and issues around the world. We hope to provide you with:

  • A clear, concise update on a news item or issue in a particular part of the world
  • A call to action -- when one is warranted -- offering you simple ways that you can share your support
  • A center for prayer for particular issues or crises unfolding around the world

I hope you'll agree with me that since we have a global readership here at, World View Wednesdays will be not only a chance for us to share news with you, but also for us to come together as a far-flung family to pray about lasting peace and solutions to global issues.

I welcome your comments and questions on this new project and ask you to keep all of our World View Wednesday contributors in your prayers!

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