Today's Gospel: Jn. 5: 31 - 47

Jesus tells the people that they are unbelievers because they refuse the love of God. They would much rather listen to false prophets. They read Scripture from a worldly, mistaken point of view and therefore, don’t recognize that He is the One of whom the ancient prophets spoke.

How often do we do the same thing? It is so much easier to believe the false prophets who preach a soft, easy way of living, appealing to our pride and love of flattery. When we listen to them, we manipulate the Gospel so that we interpret Christ’s teachings to suit ourselves.

But eternal life only comes from God. We won’t find it in flattering words. We won’t find it when we pridefully rely on ourselves. And we won’t find it if we reject Jesus.

Only in God can we be at rest. Seek His Word. Open your heart to His love and you will have life.


Who and what are the false prophets in your life that are keeping you from gaining eternal life?


Lord, grant me the grace to hear only Your Word. Give me the heart and mind of a true believer so that I may reject the false prophets and follow only You.

Copyright 2014 Terry McDermott