Dipping Our Toes in the Homeschool Pond

It's not easy adopting a lifestyle with which you have no prior experience.

My school years were comprised of public and Catholic schooling, and I graduated from a public university to teach in a public school. I have no idea what homeschooling actually looks like. I don't know what the first step of the first year will be. And, when I don't know, I tend to freak out a little bit. So, it might be too early to be starting my daughter with formal schooling, but I have to know if this is going to work for us, and I am hoping that by dipping our toes in, we will be a little less nervous if or when the time does come.

Somebody talk me down. I know that pushing school on a child at too early of an age can be very detrimental. I'm trying to just dabble. Maybe one or two "formal" things per month when I think about it. Earlier this week, the weather was beautiful, I took Ellen outside, and I drew letters on the driveway. I called out letters while she ran and hopped on them. That's harmless, right? But, I get freaked out: Is this what homeschooling looks like? What else do people do? What if I don't do it right? How do I start when it is time? I need a plan right.this.minute!

I spend time praying about if it is right for us. I read blogs and other moms' stories. I've visited moms during the day while they homeschool. I've even been to a conference. I'm a planner, and I am determined to feel as confident as possible before this all begins. And, I KNOW. She is two. I have plenty of time, and I need to enjoy the part of life we are in. And I am doing that. There isn't much harm in feeding my neurotic desire to research a bit, right?

So, help me out. Where are you on your journey? How did you feel when you first started? What do you wish you had known when you were in my position? What advice can you give me for staying informed and learning more while still enjoying the little years?

Copyright 2014 Jenna Hines